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A beautiful location in a bright and comfortable vaulted cellar in the heart of Munich McArthur & McArthur Studios is a Gallery, an Artists Studio, a workshop and event location and…anything you want it to be.  Limited only by your imagination, the location is open, welcoming, sex positive and friendly.

The Studio is also the gallery and workplace of internationally known Scottish Artist McArthur whose work in many themes and mediums can be found throughout the world.  He is also a graphic designer and offers a range of design services to worldwide clients.

About Us

In this location since 2016, we are an internationally owned Gallery, Studio and Event location, specialising in small events, workshops and specialist activities for a broad range of clientelle.

This is me

Derek Greig Beggs McArthur

Derek Greig Beggs McArthur

Ba Hons Fine Art

Greig Derek Beggs McArthur,Ba Hons ( Dipl. Kunstmaler) is a Scottish Artist, Photographer and Live Art Performer based in Munich