Our vision

From the very first day, our idea was to build a creative space for Artists, Photographers and Performers, a comfortable room which offers a safe, adaptable multi purpose environment.  Our space is inclusive, open, friendly and supportive of everyone.

Through the space we have created, we want to.

  • Encourage Artists and build an artists community round the studio
  • Offer facilities to Photographers and Film-makers
  • Welcome workshops and events, meetings and host interesting groups
  • Build a safe and open environment for anyone who visits
  • Provide a workspace and gallery for Greig McArthur’s art


Join our range of workshops, or organise your own. We have the facilities to help.

Film and Photography

Take photos or make a movie with us. We can help you find models and equipment or assist with filming.


Original Art by Greig McArthur and many other talented artists

Events, Exhibitions, Film / Photo Location, Gallery, Studio and Workshops

With such an amazing space, the possibilities are endless.
Whether a calm and relaxed meeting with friends, or an exciting and stimulating workshop, the heartbeat of our location will keep you coming back for more.
Your ideas, our skills, together we can make your dreams a reality