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“Greig Derek Beggs McArthur,Ba Hons ( Dipl. Kunstmaler) is a Scottish Artist, Photographer and Live Art Performer based in Munich.

His broad range of live and studio based paintings, drawings and photographic work explore both the lighter and the darker side of life, finding beauty in nature, the macabre, sensuality in scenery and the sinister and adding flesh to the bones of fantasy.

Primarily working Live, from life, or with life models, he captures both his own and the fantasies of his subjects and turns them into unique and expressive artworks. His work ranges from drawings produced at his live art performances, through sketches and movement drawings to life-size oil on canvas portraits. ”

Greig owns McArthur & McArthur Studios, a Gallery, Studio and Event location in Munich’s west end.

Above all I’m creative, ridiculously so. I live for my art and love and what gives me the greatest pleasure is seeing it looked at and loved on the walls of people and businesses all over the world. I care about the work I produce, they are all, without exception, part of me and it is wonderful to see them grow from the canvas or paper to the big wide world. I’m proud of my artworks, and my continuing development and success as an artist, but without my peers, my friends, my training, learning and support of clients and customers, I would not be where I am today.

I don’t have a favourite medium to work in, although Oils are getting close, they all have their plus and minus points. I’m not keen on Acrylic, I find it too flat, too dead and too fast drying, it doesn’t work with my style, but then, maybe I need to learn to use it and love it. I draw constantly in sketchbooks, the margins of paper and books and on a myriad of post-it notes around the place.

I’m extremely proud of all the exhibitions I’ve had, either solo shows, or part of a group. I am amazingly grateful that I have people all over the world who collect my work and are my patrons, encouraging me and giving me feedback. I have pictures and paintings in Australia, South Africa, America, Canada, Denmark, the UK, France and of course Germany where I now live. I even have one of my artworks on a wall in the Hollywood hills.

What Inspires me

I love nature, the small things, the big things, all of it. I get inspiration from the way a leaf folds, or the colour behind the clouds, the light through distant trees, or the diffused underwater world. People inspire me with their thoughts and ideas too, that’s why I like talking about my art with them. It’s equally important to hear what people don’t like as to what they do. That way, I continue to learn.

Where am I going.

Well after not being very productive for a while, I’m well and truly back in the studio now, drawing and painting and pastelling every day. I’m not sure where this is leading, but I’m very excited about it, not to mention inspired.

Thanks for reading about me, thanks for visiting my website, I hope you like my work, and if not, please also tell me what you don’t like. Oh and I do make a living from this, so if you’re feeling flush and want something beautiful…just saying.